The Real Deal From Chicago - JOHN PRIMER

''75'' Tour in 2020


05-03 ES / option
06-03 ES / option
07-03 ES / option
08-03 ES / option

12-03 BE - confirmed
13-03 DE - confirmed
14-03 NL - confirmed
15-03 BE - confirmed
16-03 DE - confirmed
18-03 DE - confirmed
19-03 DE - confirmed
20-03 LU - confirmed
21-03 NL - confirmed
23-03 BE - confirmed
25-03 DE - confirmed
27-03 DK - confirmed
28-03 DK - confirmed


Imagine yourself living in 1945 in Mississippi, being a person of color, on sharecropper land, deep in the woods. Living with your entire family in a shack with three rooms, and without indoor plumbing or heat. You’re sharing the daily back-breaking work of picking cotton or corn in 90+-degree weather from sun up to sun down. You’re doing all this work every day just so you and your family can eat another day, never getting ahead and always wanting more. Physical items are special and rare, but family time, prayer, laughter and music are all you have to get through. This is how John Primer was raised. Dreams of better days got him out of bed every day. The thought of someday playing his guitar on stage with Muddy Waters was his dream that pushed him to keep going. Missing his father (who passed away when he was only four years old) and wanting to be with his mother (who moved to Chicago when he was ten) and living in these oppressive conditions gave John his deep blues roots. The feelings from his up-bringing would not fully be understood until he got out of there, moved to Chicago with his mother and started playing blues music professionally. The full circle of his blues life was only then realized. The songs on this CD illustrate this emergence as well as give you John’s self portrait, an auto biographical look into his life through his music.

Staying true to his beginnings and sharing his life experiences has brought John a Grammy Nomination and a Blues Music Award as well as an ever-rising career in the blues world. When he got to Chicago John played with and learned from so many of the blues masters: Willie Dixon, Muddy Water’s, Sammy Lawhorn, Junior Wells, Buddy Guy, Magic Slim, Pine-Top Perkins, Willie “Big Eyes” Smith, Honey Boy Edwards and so many more…John tries to keep their styles and legacies alive in his playing today.

Blues On Solid Ground is John’s 2nd CD from Blues House Productions. This intimate, ‘down-home’ style CD is John’s first tribute to his early Mississippi life and showcases his powerful, soulful voice along with his masterful guitar style.
The intent of the CD is to keep the blues traditions John grew up with alive and on solid ground, as well as exposing those traditions to the next generation. These 13 songs are all Primer originals, “I really don’t try to change the blues I just try to keep it original. You do want to expand it, but you can’t expand it too much”, he says. Mixing John’s traditional rhythm with all new lyrics keeps the blues up to date and relevant to its roots.

The intimate, ‘in your kitchen’ sound of John Primer’s Blues On Solid Ground is alive and well. John’s main message to all of us is: “Don’t worry, the blues will be around for a long time and as long as he is around it’s standing on solid ground!” 

''Thank you to all my dedicated fans (without you I would not be able to do what I love). I tried to come into your kitchen and sit down with you one-on-one, I truly hope you like it! ''

John Primer


Previous tour dates:

November 2018

09-11 BE - Turnhout
10-11 BE - Haringe
11-11 NL - Rhoon
14-11 BE - Liege
15-11 DE - Stuttgart
16-11 DE - Rheinberg
17-11 NL - Zoetermeer
18-11 NL - Haarlem

European Tour 24th November - 5th December 2017.

24.11 NL - Amsterdam
25.11 NL - Zoetermeer
26.11 DE - booked
27.11 DE - booked
28.11 DE - booked
29.11 DE - booked
30.11 CH - booked
01.12 CH - booked
02.12 CH - booked
04.12 DE - booked


John Primer - guitar & vocals
Jan den Boer - bass guitar
Bert Fonderie - drums
Robbert Fossen - vocals, guitar & harmonica's


09 - 28 November 2016

09-11 CH - Luzerne
10-11 CH - Luzerne
11-11 CH - Luzerne
12-11 CH - Luzerne
13-11 CH - Luzerne
18-11 NL - Leeuwarden
19-11 NL - Hoogeveen
20-11 BE - Brugge
21-11 BE - Ruiselede
22-11 BE - Luik
23-11 NL - Geldermalsen
24-11 NL - Rotterdam
25-11 BE - Geel
26-11 DE - Idar Oberstein
27-11 DE - Stuttgart
28-11 DE - Weinheim

The Band:

John Primer - guitar & vocals
Michael Scharf - bass guitar
Lenny Media - drums
Little Boogie Boy - guitar