(pictures: Bert Lek)


Kat Riggins was born Katriva Riggins in Miami, Florida on February 7, 1980. She grew up in a household where there was always background music. Because of the wide range of genres in her parents collection, Kat developed a love for all types of music from gospel and soul to country and rock and everything in between.

She was drawn to the smokey gritty sounds of artists like Bessie Smith, Sam Cooke, Nina Simone, Tina Turner, Denise LaSalle, Etta James, Ray Charles, Koko Taylor, Janis Joplin and the list goes on. She grew up singing in local programs, church events, and family gatherings with her sister and cousins. At age 23 Kat landed a gig singing jazz and blues standards in a small lounge in Sunny Isles Beach, Florida with the accompaniment of only a piano player. Since then she has performed throughout Florida, New Orleans, Vietnam, Thailand, China, South Korea, Curacao, Germany, Belgium and The Netherlands so far.

Kat's own musical style is a blend of the blues with hip hop, pop, rock,gospel and even country music.

With her first two works, an EP called "Seoul Music" and an original album called "Lily Rose" Kat penned each song with subtle hints of her love of the blues. Her latest album, aptly named after her band "Blues Revival" is a loud and proud declaration of that love!
"Blues Revival" is a clever mashup of gospel-blues, blues-rock, funky blues, contemporary and traditional blues, with BLUES being the operative word! With this and albums to come, Kat Riggins's focus is to be a part of this musical revolution that aims to awaken the masses and introduce them to the sincerity behind blues music.

Her European September 2017 tour was something to remember!
With shows in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, and lots of great reviews and comments.

And for 2018/2019: here is some interesting news: Kat Riggins will be part of the Dutch Theatre Blues Tour with Johan Derksen, a true blues ambassador from the Netherlands.
This ''Keeping the blues alive'' tour will be continued after the summerbreak (October until end of March 2019).  



07-09 DE - Bielefeld / with Erwin Java Band
08-09 NL - Zoetermeer / with Erwin Java Band (afternoon)
08-09 NL - Assen / with Erwin Java Band (evening)

14-09 NL - De Zilk /  with Darrel Raines + The Fuzzy Licks
15-09 NL - Haarlem / with Darrel Raines + The Fuzzy Licks

17-09 NO / with Darrel Raines
18-09 NO / with Darrel Raines
19-09 NO / with Darrel Raines
20-09 NO / with Darrel Raines + Fuzzy Licks
21-09 NO / with Darrel Raines + Fuzzy Licks
22-09 NO / with Darrel Raines + Fuzzy Licks


You can book Kat Riggins & Erwin Java Band on dates they are not working with the ''Johan Derksen keeps the blues alive'' theatre tour ( September 2018 until March 2019)