Stevie Nimmo Trio (SCO)

As one half of Scotland’s highly respected ‘Nimmo Brothers’, Stevie Nimmo has been a well known and respected figure throughout the blues and roots world for over 15 years.

Now, having toured extensively with the critically acclaimed blues rock outfit over the last few years, as well as taking to the road in a stripped back, acoustic format to continue promotion of his debut solo project ‘The Wynds of Life’, Stevie is now setting out on a new adventure in a full-on, electric, no-holds-barred trio format.

Stevie says that, although the acoustic project is extremely satisfying and allows him to showcase his voice and song writing talents in the perfect environment, sometimes “…you just want to break out the Les Paul, crank up the old orange amp and make some noise!”

Which is exactly what he plans to do.

His latest album ''Sky Won't Fall'' was released in March 2016..  

And another album is already scheduled  !!!

He is enjoying making music now as much as at any point throughout his 20 years in the business and is fully relishing the fresh challenge of a brand new project.

Don’t miss this chance to catch an artist at the top of his game doing what he does best – standing on stage playing his own music in his own passionate, inimitable fashion.

You will not be disappointed!


Here is a first impression of this power-trio:


Agenda / King Bee Music tour dates:

29-05-2019 LU - Luxembourg
30-05-2019 DE - Eppstein
31-05-2019 NL - Maastricht
01-06-2019 DE - Zyfflich
02-06-2019 BE - Zottegem

13-09-2019 BE - Brasschaat 
14-09-2019 NL - Zoetermeer
15-09-2019 NL - Dongen


Previous tour dates:


23-02-2018 NL - Zeist (support band: Joost de Lange Band)
24-02-2018 NL - Zoetermeer (support band: Joost de Lange Band)
25-02-2018 NL - Weert (support band: Joost de Lange Band)


20-01 DE
21-01 DE
22-01 NL
23-01 NL
24-01 NL
25-01 DE
26-01 LU
28-01 DE
29-01 NL
30-01 NL
31-01 BE
10-11 LU
11-11 CH - Olten
12-11 DE - Gaildorf
25-11 NL - Zeeland
26-11 BE - Brussel
27-11 NL - Dongen
15-12 BE - Menen
16-12 NL - Zoetermeer
17-12 DE - Neuwied
18-12 NL - Grolloo